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Aztec 2D Barcode Generating Tool

This online tool encodes an input string into an Aztec barcode symbol as defined by the ISO/IEC 24478 standard.

Aztec Barcode: 1 Layer (19 × 19)

This (19 × 19) barcode has space for 128 information bits arranged as 21 6-bit words around the outermost two strips of pixels (one layer). Text messages are encoded using 5 bits per non-digit ASCII character and 4 bits per digit, plus overhead. In this example, the supplied message requires 13 words (78 bits) leaving 8 words for error control.

Allocation of 21 6-bit words for Data / ECC
Data : 13 ECC : 8
Message content defines available space for error control coding.


Text Message:

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