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I am a member of the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), with the email alias, but if my call sign changes my email address will change; my lifetime email address is I am also a member of the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club.
My QRZ page is at,,,,, or
I use the Logbook of the World (LOTW), under the call signs VE9EX, VE1/VE9EX, CK9EX, CG9EX, ZL/VE9EX, VX9EX, or VE3/VE9EX.
I occasionally use APRS, under VE9EX-7, which is shown on a map at
My eQSL page is at,,, or, or,, or

VE9EX Number of Worked Countires
Blank Amateur Radio Log Book:
I made a blank amateur radio logbook that can be purchased, printed and shipped using, but since the book is in the public domain, I have also made the PDF available at Blank-amateur-radio-logbook-VE9EX-20131015.pdf; I receive no revenue from these books.

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