Faculty of Computer Science - Faculty of Engineering

University of New Brunswick

D MacIsaac


Associate Professor, Computer Science/Engineering
Co-Coordinator, Undergraduate Software Engineering Program

Dr MacIsaac is an associate professor at the University of New Brunswick, joint appointed with the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Engineering (within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering). She is a professional engineer, registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB) and is the current co-coordinator of the undergraduate software engineering program. She researches in the two distinct areas of software engineering and biomedical engineering.

Her primary focus in software engineering is software quality and knowledge engineering. Her primary focus in biomedical engineering is biosignal processing. She is also interested in a new area of research - Health Information Systems - which combines software engineering with biomedical engineering. For more information on Dr MacIsaac's research, follow the Research link.

Dr MacIsaac is also an avid instructor and was formery the Coordinator of Teaching & Learning Services in the Center for Enhanced Teachnig and Learning at UNB Fredericton. Her teaching interests include problem solving, self-directed learning, and innovation and she teaches these topics through undergraduate and graduate course delivery. For more information on Dr MacIsaac's teaching interests, follow the Teaching link.