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updated:2009-01-26 2:17 PM

For complete program requirements, see the Undergraduate Calendar (you should obtain a hard copy from the registrar's office).

Any further Questions can be directed to your academic advisor'

Progress Towards Graduation:

(2008-09-12) If you are planning to graduate in the Fall of 2008 or Spring of 2009 (ie this year):
  • Send an email to your academic advisor to confirm with them that you are clear to graduate.
  • Officially apply to graduate through the registrar's office.
  • Sign-up for the Engineering Iron Ring Ceremony through the Engineering office (HC28).
(2008-09-12) If you are planning to graduate in the Fall of 2009 or Spring of 2010 (ie next year):
  • You must have already completed SWE 4203: Software Evolution and Maintenance. It will NOT be offered in the fall of 2009 or the Spring of 2010.
  • before March 2009, check your matrix to make sure you have each course listed, or an equivalent. Then, in March of 2009, register for all missing courses.
  • In April of 2009, send an email to your academic advisor and ask them to complete an audit of your courses to make sure you are in position to graduate next year.
(2008-09-12) If you are planning to graduate in the Fall of 2010 or Spring of 2011 (ie in 2 years):
  • You must take SWE4103: Sofrtware Quality and Project Management in the Fall of 2009. It will not be offered in the fall of 2010, or the spring of 2011.

Other Important Information:

(2008-09-12) Questions concerning transfer and replacment courses:
  • If you transfer into SWE with ECON1073, it can count as your CSE (open).
  • If you transfer into SWE with APSC1023, you can reduce your basic science requirements to 6ch (two 3ch courses OR 1 6ch course). If you don't have APSC1023, you must take 8ch of basic science (1 5ch courses with a lab AND 1 3ch course).
  • If you transfer into SWE with Physics 1040/45, you can get credit for APSC1013 +3ch of basic science.
(2008-09-12) Questions concerning Complementary Studies Courses:
  • You must take 4 different types of Complentary studies courses -
    • open (1) - any course delivered outside of engineering, science, or computer science. Kinesiology courses must be approved; If you take a language course, it counts as your open CSE.
    • HSS (1) - any course delivered by Humanities or Social Sciences that is NOT a language course. If you take a Psychology course, it counts as your HSS.
    • HSS Short List (1) - any course delivered by Anthropology, Classics, Literature, History, Philosophy, Politcial Science, and Sociology.
    • ENG Economics (1) - You must take CE3963 or ME3232 (they are the same course, offered by different departments)
(2008-09-12) Archived Course Matrices:
for a version that is no longer listed, contact your academic advisor
(2008-09-12) Recent Changes/Replacements for courses (since 2005-06):
  • CHEM1882 changed numbers and was split into lecture/lab CHEM1982/1987 (as of 2009-10)
  • CS1003 replaces APSC1023 in the Core (as of 2009-10)
  • CS4613 has changed to CS3613 (as of 2009-10)
  • CS3913 has changed to CS3933 and moved to the fall term (as of 2008-09)
  • CS2513 changed to CS2533 which is now INFO2103 (as of 2008-09)
  • ME2613 has been replaced in the core by CMPE3232 (as of 2007-08)
  • CMPE3242 has been added to the core (as of 2006-07)
  • EE4243 and CS3513 have been removed from the core (as of 2006-07)
  • CMPE 2013 has been replaced by CMPE 2412 (as of 2006-07)
  • EE4243 has been replaced by CMPE 3812 (as of 2006-07)
  • EE2723 has been replace by EE2701 (as of 2006-07)
  • EE2213, EE3221 and EE3232 have been replace by CMPE 2213 and CMPE 3221 (as of 2006-07)
  • EE 1013 has been replaced by EE1813 (as of 2006-07)