UNB ECE SDS Event: AO-91 Satellite Contact 2019 Mar 19

There will be an event to make a contact with the AO-91 amateur radio satellite. The radio contact will be led by Dave Goodwin, VE9CB, Atlantic Director, Radio Amateurs of Canada. This event is organized by the Facilitator of the Student Development Studio (SDS) which is part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the University of New Brunswick. The event is endorsed by CubeSat NB and the UNB Amateur Radio Club. The event is on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, between 1:30 pm Atlantic Daylight Time and 2:30 pm Atlantic Daylight Time. It will be on Chapman Field, the baseball field between the Aitken Centre and the UNB Steam Plant; enter the field at the corner of Montgomery Street and College Hill Road. Wear winter boots due to about four feet of snow and climbing over snow banks. Pictures with approximate azimuths are indicated. Photos will be taken and photo release forms will be provided if you would like to give consent; the form is shown below.

Chapman-Field-01-190degrees-SW.jpg (1995 Kibytes)
Chapman-Field-02-210degrees-SW.jpg (2311 Kibytes)
Chapman-Field-03-243degrees-SW.jpg (2778 Kibytes)
Chapman-Field-04-300degrees-NW.jpg (2438 Kibytes)
Chapman-Field-05-330degrees-NW.jpg (2192 Kibytes)
home-made-Yagi-5on70cm-3on2m-by-Dave-VE9CB.jpg (1933 Kibytes)
Radio-Amateurs-of-Canada-Welcomes-New-Directors.pdf (545 Kibytes)
UNB-photo-release-form-2019.pdf (44 Kibytes)

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