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QR Code Symbol Generating Tool (Version 3)

This online tool encodes an input string into a QR Code symbol as defined by the ISO/IEC 18004 standard.

QR Code symbols are two dimensional bar codes arranged as distinctive square matrices with various dimensions (versions) according to their data capacity. The QR Code symbol produced here is a Version 3 (29 × 29) matrix carrying a total of seventy information bytes.

A QR Code symbol incorporates many elements of a digital communications system including timing reference, scrambling, interleaving, and the use of powerful error control codes. Reed Solomon GF(256) error correction is used on the data such that this 70 byte symbol can hold from 26 to 55 data bytes depending on the level of Error Control Coding (ECC) chosen. The formatting information within each QR code symbol is protected using a BCH (15,5) code; moreover, this information is included twice in the symbol for further redundancy. Finally, when ECC mode Q or H is chosen in Version 3, the data is split into two blocks with independent ECC bytes, after which the results are interleaved into the 70 byte symbol for further error control capacity.

QR Code Version 3

Q R   C o d e   V e r s i o n   3

The above text has 17 characters.

Text Message:

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ECC LEVEL:      DATA MASK:      Compression

Version 3 70 BytesTextCompression
L (01)15555377127
M (00)26444261101
Q (11)3634324777
H (10)4426243558

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