Brent Petersen

Detailed Address Information

This is my address for regular mail and courier packages:

B. Petersen
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of New Brunswick
P. O. Box 4400
15 Dineen Drive, Head Hall, Room HD36
Fredericton, NB, Canada
E3B 5A3

direct voice: (506) 447-3328
department office voice: (506) 453-4561
department office fax: (506) 453-3589
office room: HD40C, (The door plate shows D-40C.)

My lifetime electronic mail address is and I have used it since August 18, 1994.

For some applications, another organization may require which is my UNB email address.

For encrypted email, I use, since June 9, 2015. Please contact me for my protomail email address.

My current public key is located at:
vCard (zipped)

My ResearchGate page is at:
My Zotero page is at:
My LinkedIn® page is at:

LinkedIn® was described in the article: Susan Karlin, "Networking know-how: using online networking sites could land you your next job," IEEE Spectrum, vol. 42, no. 11 (NA), pp. 68-70, Nov. 2005.
My page on QRZ is at
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