Guangran Zhu, Brent R. Petersen and Bruce G. Colpitts, "Signalling wavelength in an antenna array for space-time wireless over LOS channels," in the IEEE Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Communications Networks Services and Research Conference (CNSR 2005), vol. 1, (Halifax, NS, Canada), pp. 69-73, May 16-18, 2005.


We consider the inter-antenna separation in a distributed antenna array. We introduce a new separation constraint with respect to the signalling wavelength, which equals the chip wavelength in DS-CDMA systems and the symbol wavelength in non-spread systems. This constraint ensures the phases of the frequency responses are exercised over 2 pi in the baseband channel matrix. The diverse phases provide a better channel matrix for signal detection. The multiuser performance improvement due to this constraint has been named as the Signalling Wavelength Antenna Placement (SWAP) gain.


This research was supported by the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA),, and by Aliant, our industrial partner,

We are grateful that the IEEE Communications Society was a technical co-sponsor of CNSR 2005.


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