Brent R. Petersen and David D. Falconer, "Equalization bounds in cyclostationary interference," in Proc. of the 15th Biennial Symposium on Communications, vol. 1, (Kingston, ON, Canada), pp. 268-271, June 3-6, 1990.


In communication systems where interference arises from neighbouring channels carrying digital data at the same baud rate, statistics of the interference at the input to a receiver, such as power, vary periodically, usually with period equal to the baud period, hence the term cyclostationary interference. Expressions have been derived for the minimum-mean-square continuous-time linear and decision-feedback equalizers in the presence multiple cyclostationary interferers and additive white noise. Furthermore these situations are compared to the cases where the mean power spectrum of the interference is the same, but stationary. The expressions for the linear equalizer have been used in a specific subscriber-loop system example that demonstrates the equalization gains which occur when the interference is cyclostationary instead of stationary.

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