Kevin S. Oler, Brent R. Petersen and Abu B. Sesay, "Asymmetric equalization of the indoor wireless channel," in Conf Rec. of the 18th Biennial Symposium on Communications, vol. 1, (Kingston, ON, Canada), pp. 245-248, June 2-5, 1996.


The Asymmetric Decision Feedback Equalizer (ADFE), which may be described as a decision feedback equalizer (DFE) with the forward filter (FF) transposed to the transmitter, is proposed. The ADFE is shown to have the same minimum mean-square error (MMSE) tap weights as the DFE, and similar bit error rate (BER) performance. A finite discrete Markov process is applied to predict the BER of the ADFE. The ADFE may be used, along with a DFE, in a base-portable system (the ADFE system) to achieve asymmetric equalization, or a shift in equalization complexity from the portable to the base. The overall computational efficiency of the ADFE may also prove useful in other scenarios.

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