Brent Robert Petersen and Evangelos Eleftheriou, "Method and Apparatus for Multiuser-Interference Reduction." Patent, World Intellectual Property Organization, International Bureau, Application Number PCT/EP94/00374, Applicant International Business Machines Corporation and IBM Deutschland Informationssysteme Gmbh, Filing Date Feb. 10, 1994, Publication Number WO 95/22209, Publication Date Aug. 17, 1995, issued as U. S. Patent 5,761,237 on Jun. 2, 1998.


The present invention concerns an apparatus and method for reducing the multiuser-interference of input signals. The apparatus in accordance with the present invention comprises a multivariate predictor (81) and a decision quantizer (82), said multivariate predictor (81) operating on interference signals $\underline{\eta}'(D)$ provided by means for extracting interference signals (83), said interference signals $\underline{\eta}'(D)$ being obtained from said input signals and output signals $\underline{\hat{b}} (D)$ which are available at an output of said decision quantizer (82) and fed back from there to said means for extracting interference signals (83).


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