Dong Bing Jin, "Two-polarization generalized zero-forcing equalization for channel interference suppression," Master's thesis, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Brunswick, (Fredericton, NB, Canada), Jan. 2004.


The purpose of the research is to obtain results toward effective methods for combating the deleterious effects of various impairments arising in digital data transmission over a dually polarized fiber-optic communication channel.

The improvements in spectral efficiency can cause more co-channel interference (CCI) and adjacent-channel interference (ACI). Moreover, the transmission of M-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulated (QAM) signals via orthogonally polarized carriers is an effective method for reusing existing bandwidth with the advantage of more system capacity and a higher bit rate. However, the obstacle in the way of realizing these advantages is the unavoidable presence of cross-polarization interference (CPI) between two polarized signals.

A design possibility utilizing channel equalization and wide relative transmitter bandwidths to suppress intersymbol interference (ISI), CCI, ACI, CPI and noise is presented in this thesis and the existence of such equalization and the conditions to suppress all ISI, CCI, ACI and CPI are studied.

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