UNB ECE4253 Digital Communications
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Periodic Sequence Manipulation

Periodic binary sequences can readily be manipulated using shift registers and exclusive-OR (XOR) gates. Modulus-2 addition is equivalent to bitwise exclusive-OR.

This online tool serves as a shift register, decimator, and adder. Enter binary values for one period of each of two periodic input sequences to be added. As required, the input sequences will be repeated to create a periodic output. Before addition, each sequence can be optionally rotated right (ROR) by the number of bits specified in decimal, then decimated (DEC) by choosing every N-th bit in the periodic sequence.

Input Sequences


Example Sequences: [ 7-bit ] [ 15-bit ] [ 31-bit ] [ 63-bit ] [ Gold Code ] [ JPL Code ]

Enter Binary Values for two operands (max 150 bits). Specify DEC and ROR in decimal.

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