About Us

We are a group of researchers working on robotics and automation projects and  applications. Our work includes but is not limited to unmanned vehicles for land water and sky and energy conservation.  As a team we are interested in intelligent robotics and advanced control systems with fuzzy, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, and anything else cool.


UGV's or unmanned ground vehicles are the primary starting point of our PC based robotics systems. We are also simulating environments using Player/Stage/Gazebo.


The Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) system development is currently in simulation phase and upper level path planning algorithms are developed. Simulations are done in Matlab and interfaced with robotics middlewares such as MOOS-IvP and MIRO.


The Unmanned aireal vehicle (UAV) program is developing as the self stabilization components are evolving and real hardware is being tested for stability and controller evaluation. Currently we are working on autopilots for fixed-wing planes, as well as helicopters and quad-rotors.

Demand-Side Management Programs

We are using advanced control techniques to control domestic electric water heaters to increase overall power system reliability and efficiency with reduced peak loads.

Multi-Agent Systems

We are also working hard to make our robots work together. We hope to be some of the first in the world to use AUV, UAV, and UGV robots working together to solve a task. We are in a unique position to achieve this goal because members of our group have expertise in all of these areas.