Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answer any questions you may have about COBRA or direct you to more detailed information if that is necessary

You guys are so cool, how can we be as cool as you?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is: "Sorry, you can't."

What do all these acronyms, such as: UAV,UGV,UVS,AUV mean?

They are shortened forms for things without humans on board

UAV- Unmanned areal vehicle

UGV- Unmanned ground vehicle

UVS- Unmanned vehicle system

AUV- Autonomous underwater vehicle

One day we will make all these things work together!

Where is your lab?

Most of us work in D-41 in the Head Hall building at the University of New Brunswick. Some people also have their offices in H4. All of our cool toys are in D-41 so come by and check them out anytime.

Where did the name COBRA come from ?

The Name COBRA short for COllaboration Based Robotics and Automation was the brain child of Mr. Greg Morris an undergraduate student at the time working on an independent project with the team.

Who made this web site ?

This website is based on an excellent template from The content from each student is personally updated as time allows.