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A Remote Control System Using Java and CORBA Architecture

In this project, a device and a control software system are designed to test the efficiency of the membranes.

The device built is controlled using a desktop computer. With the ever increasing number of Internet users, and the convenience the Internet brings, more and more complex applications are being developed which use the Internet as means of transmitting information between masters and the slaves. Knowledge from many disciplines is necessary for such ambitious projects. In this study, the server-client architecture is implemented on the Internet. In order to interface with the hardware from the Internet, Java is selected because Java's universal feature. It allows us to abstract from individual system architecture while deploying the program into any general-purpose computer with Internet connection. The software is designed so that it has a server-client architecture to implement the control of the whole equipment at a remote site. Communications between the server and the client is realized using the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) architecture. CORBA is selected because when using CORBA, it is easy to integrate machines from various vendors, with sizes ranging from mainframes through minis and desktops to hand-held and embedded systems. By using the device developed, users are able to monitor and operate the device at a remote site while the device is connected to the local host computer.

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