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Integration of Sensor Systems into Perceptual Systems for Navigation Control

Research in robotics has grown significantly to meet the potential demand and several sectors have been investigated as potential areas for robotic application. Many applications could benefit from adopting the robotics technology: situations involving hazardous environments to reduce danger to human life; performing repetitive and menial tasks; performing tasks which would otherwise be impossible; improving the quality of life of citizens and society as a whole; protecting the environment. The proposed research program will address a few issues with robotics, sensing, perception, and navigation. We will focus on: (1) the development of multi-sensor fusion algorithms that allow a robot to obtain knowledge of its local environment from information provided by a variety of sensors, (2) the development of novel autonomous navigation schemes for a robot to track a trajectory with collision avoidance.

The proposed two-year research program will investigate fundamental issues in intelligent sensor fusion and collision-free navigation for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). We will integrate sensor information to model the real-world by developing algorithms for recreating the structure of the environment. We will conduct research on autonomous vehicles to sense the environment, map the environment, plan routes and execute maneuvers. To accomplish this, we will implement real-time, physics-based software simulation capabilities. This will provide a means to create an awareness of the environment on board UGVs. The research will focus on the development and integration of sensing, environment modeling, mapping, and control algorithm modules.

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