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Research Interest
UAV for Forest Fire Management
Multi-Rotor Rotorcraft
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Multi-Agent Systems
Object Oriented Programming
Virtual Reality Modelling
Autonomous Mobile Robot
Industrial Overhead Cranes
Parking System Using FPGA
Artificial Neural Networks
Perception Models for Robots
Multiple UAVs and UGVs
Document Classification
Nuclear Inspection
Domestic Water Heater
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Motion Planning
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Howard's Homepage


Research Interest

  - "If you talk about going to the moon, they call you a poet or a dreamer. If you actually go there, they call you an engineer."
Robotics and Mechatronics
Motion planning and control of robotic systems
Multi-sensor fusion and its applications in robotic and control systems
Applications of biologically inspired approaches to robotic systems
Mobile robotics and teleoperated robotic systems and applications
Behavior based mobile robots and evovable hardware
Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)
Sensing techniques for robotics, including infrared range finders, laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, bumper sensors, GPS, hall effect sensors, motion detectors, tilt sensors, IMU, humidity sensors, thermo couples, compass, and so on.
Schematic design and PCB design
Multi-agent systems
Intelligent Systems
Neural network structures, dynamics and computational algorithms
Computational modeling and analysis of biological systems
Genetic algorithms and their industrial applications
Intelligent systems theory and its industrial applications
Fuzzy logic and fuzzy controllers
Control Systems
Control system theory and the industrial applications
Intelligent and adaptive control algorithm development
Linear/Nonlinear control
Discrete Time Control
Embedded control systems
Real-time systems
Biological and artificial visual information processing
Machine vision and its applications
Evolutionary image processing hardware
Pattern recognition
Raw image recognition

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